Contributing to Thriving Communities through
People, Physical, Digital, Marketing
Touch Points

People, digital, physical, marketing environments, and access to information – impacts how we experience products, brands, and one another.

We call the sum of these interactions COMMUNITY EXPERIENCE


Communities / Radio Stations


Retail Partners




Jobs Created

Our Communities


70% of Retail spending is in malls:+/- R644 Billion

Community Sport, Leisure & Entertainment  

One of the leading forms of escapism and a way of connecting  as a community


20% of South Africa GDP:  R920 Billion


Dwell time of between 3 to 6 hours


66.5% of households, use public transport around: 15 million people daily 

Community Radio  

One of the leading hyper-local media types

People Touchpoint​

We gather digital and behavioural insights, from employees and communities. We utilise the B-BBEE scorecard requirements and conduct a training needs analysis, as inputs into the strategy. ​

​Together, we develop a people solution strategy to support the customer experience ambition. We deploy an employee engagement platform to enable the development of the desired culture. ​

​To support the execution of the strategy we tailor a training and development solution maximising B-BBEE scorecard requirements and leveraging

Physical Touchpoint​

Our physical solution focuses on products and executions within our physical environment that will improve the customer experience.

This includes Retail experience, experiential spaces and brand experience spaces.

Digital Touchpoint​

Our digital strategy builds a long-term digital transformation roadmap, starting with critical priorities. We then help develop and deliver digital products, experiences, and value propositions that improve the long-term sustainability of your business. We focus on building an engaged audience, improving revenue and foot traffic, generating preference and behavioral insights and improving the transformation scorecard.

Marketing Touchpoint​

We assist in-house marketing teams by using research and insights to create an effective, targeted, and measurable marketing & communication plan, and Execute this plan through our integrated offerings. Our portfolio-based strategy and framework are aligned with your core business objectives and use economies of scale to deliver a cost-effective solution that is built on community experience, conversion, loyalty, insights, improving scorecard and impact communities positively. ​

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